Miller Analytical Services opened in May 2008 with an initial focus on must and wine analysis for the commercial and home winemakers.  Composed of a husband and wife team who met while working as Quality Chemists at Paul Masson Vineyards, it is our mission is to provide you with accurate, timely results to help you find your answers.  With over 21 years of combined laboratory experience, both Millers have a wide background in all aspects of wine analysis and microbiology to QC analysis of bottles, corks, labels and packaging R&D.  AND we are grape growers and home winemakers, so we know first hand that timely accurate data is important to wine quality.


Our expertise includes grape, must and wine sampling and full analysis, import analysis, microbiology, stability testing, QC incoming inspection analysis of bottles, corks, labels and packaging.Bottling Millipore bubble point inspection and various routine cellar tasks like determining sulfur additions, blending and pre/post filtration analysis plus many other tasks.


We are focused on one service - providing you with quality analytical results to help you make the best product you can.  Ancillary to that is standardizing reagents and various tools used in the laboratory and since we do this routinely for M.A.S., we do offer those services to you as well.   We are continually investing to improve laboratory capability.  A partial list of current instrumentation includes:

  • UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • pH meters
  • DO meter
  • ISE probes
  • Lauda Recirculator
  • Centrifuges
  • Analytical Balances
  • VWR Incubator & Spectroline light box (for micro.)
  • Milli-Q Plus
  • Ebulliometer & Cash Still

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